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Refueling USS Mayo 1943 Refueling Rough Seas 1944 Refueling Rough Seas 1944 Taking On Patient

Burial At Sea 1943

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Capt Johnson adresses crew 1943 Flight Deck SBD Dauntless 1943 F6F Hellcats 1943 SBD Dauntless 1943
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Lt. Butch O'Hare SBD Dauntless Plane Refueling TBM Avenger 1944 Typhoon Oct 1944
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Typhoon Damage Ready For Storm F6F Lashed Down 1000 Landings Cake Capt. Ragsdale Eating Cake
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Celebrating 1000 Landings Celebrating 2000 Landings Celebrating 3000 Landings Birthday Party NAG Birthday Party NAG

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